The 202X trend of shirt buttons is on the rise

19 /02 / 2022

Have you ever wondered if there are any rules for placing buttons? And why is that so?

The shirt is one of the indispensable items in each of our wardrobes. However, can you find the difference between the two men's and women's shirts?

The answer lies in the shirt buttons. Have you noticed that the buttons on men's shirts are placed on the opposite side compared to women's shirts. Specifically, the buttons of men's shirts are placed on the right side, while women's shirts are placed on the left. Why is that? Let's find the answer through this article of us!

Their differences are shown in detail:

Most people, when asked, will think that the shirt buttons are designed like that so that the wife can more conveniently button the shirt for her husband. But unfortunately, the button on the left hem is actually designed specifically for women because of historical elements in the fashion industry.

During the Renaissance, when women's favorite clothes were flashy and elaborate outfits, dressing themselves every day was quite troublesome for wealthy ladies.

Therefore, sewing the buttons on the left side on women's shirts is said to help the maids have more hands - convenient in helping them wear everyday clothes. Gentlemen always dress themselves, so the buttons are sewn on the right side.

Besides, if today's fashion companies often rely on models to stimulate attention and boost sales, hundreds of years ago, ladies were always the sought-after "test-on models" of tailors. Gradually, sewing buttons in opposite directions became a habit and unwritten rule of the fashion world.

If you are not a tailor or work in the fashion or modeling industry, you probably won't notice this.

There is also another reliable reason, in the past, when gentlemen often had to use their dominant hand (said to be the right hand) to draw weapons from inside their shirts, their left hand would do the job. unbutton your shirt.

In addition, some opinions say that the fact that mothers often hold newborn babies in their left hand and have to unbutton their shirts with their right hand to breastfeed is also one of the reasons contributing to the change in habit. Get used to sewing buttons on two different sides for each gender.

In battle, the son often carried a spear with his left hand and with his right hand used to hold a sword. The way to move the shield is always from left to right to avoid the arrows and bullets of the enemy through the shields, dealing damage.

It is this habit throughout the history of thousands of years of warfare that also makes men accustomed to buttoning with the left hand.

As for women, their buttons are always on the left hem, so it will be more convenient to unbutton with the right hand. But why is that?

According to Thorstein Veblen's book Theory of the Leisure Class, published in 1899, the left button of a woman's shirt buttoned up as an implicit sign of her family. she is very rich.

Therefore, there is no need to dress by yourself, but there are servants to help and this is like a typical sign of the upper class.

After the period of massive industrialization in Western countries in the 19th century, starting with the garment industry, separate standards were required to unify the production process.

A standard that has persisted to this day is that men's and women's buttons are sewn oppositely as above. Thus, this contrast is rooted in the different roles, as well as the class division, the class that the story of the button has the difference between men and women.

Hopefully, the information we provide will help you better understand the difference between these two types of daisies. Today, shirt buttons are designed quite diverse with many eye-catching designs and colors. If you are looking for new styles for old-fashioned shirts, or simply don't like the buttons on them, then come to us right away. We specialize in providing apparel accessories for you to explore freely. Contact for consultation and order.