About Kyung Seong

In Korean, Kyung Seong means "North Star" (Polaris) - The brightest star in the North. In Vietnam, Kyung Seong is a trading company dealing in many different industries: Garment accessories, fashion clothes, UPR liquid plastic, ...

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Plastic button
Metal button
Natural material button
Label - Hangtag
Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR)

Quality certification

Oeko-Tex certification for button, buckle, elastic band, verclo, etc.

Customer reviews



The 2022 trend of shirt buttons is on the throne

Have you ever wondered if there are rules for buttoning a shirt? And why should it be? The shirt is one of the indispensable items in each of our wardrobes. However, quiz you to find the difference between

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Find out the origin and production process of plastic shirt button buttons

With many years of experience in manufacturing and selling shirt buttons, our biggest achievement is to create children - beautiful Shirt Buttons as evaluated by many loyal customers. In this post, we share

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Why do clothes often have 5 buttons?

The need for "food - medicine - stay - practice" (eating, wearing, staying, walking) is closely linked to people in daily life activities. In which, "wearing" plays the second most important role and is the traditional beauty of the Vietnamese people "Beauty for silk, good rice for manure". Core

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