Kyung Seong

In Korean, Kyung Seong means "North Star" (Polaris) - The brightest star in the North.

In Vietnam, Kyung Seong is a trading company dealing in many different industries: Garment accessories, fashion clothes, UPR liquid plastic, ...

We are honored to welcome all customers, partners, collaborators and employees!

Kyung Seong Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. Since then, Kyung Seong has continuously expanded in both size and structure and industry.

Currently, our company Kyung Seong has a head office, a button shop - garment accessories, a fashion clothing store.

About Company Director - Ms. Ngo Hong Loan

With many years of experience in the field of garment accessories production, Ms. Ngo Hong Loan can be considered as a young entrepreneur embarking on the startup path.

Combining the advantages of knowledge and extensive relationships available, Director Ngo Hong Loan has kept Kyung Seong's business growing over the years. Experiencing current challenges, international economic problems, Kyung Seong company still exists and expands further in the coming time.

Not only that, Ms. Ngo Hong Loan also always devotes her heart to charity activities, sharing difficulties for less fortunate circumstances in society. She often participates in events for the poor, for children and lonely elderly, etc., which are organized by relevant organizations.

Hopefully, our world will become more and more stable and peaceful, bringing great opportunities for the Vietnamese economy as well as our dear partners in five continents.

About Fashion Shop E.Studio

E.Studio fashion clothing brand, formerly Elephant's Closet, was established in 2015.

The current E.Studio store manager is Ho Le Mai Khoi, a dynamic and hard-working young woman. Starting with the position of Salesperson, thanks to her responsible working spirit and enthusiastic closing of orders, Mai Khoi has won the love of both customers and colleagues.

E.Studio Mother and Baby clothing products are currently sold at:
L4-30, Estella Place Trade Center – 88 Song Hanh, An Phu, (District 2), Thu Duc City.

Everyone, please order to support Mai Khoi!

About Store Manager Kyung Seong - Mr Lee Jong Duk

Mr. Lee Jong Duk has accumulated long-term experience in the field of fashion button production in both Korea and Vietnam.

As a skillful person who loves to make handmade items, Mr. Lee's handmade products always make people admire and enjoy. Mr. Lee is also a cheerful person and loves children.

Currently, Mr. Lee Jong Duk is managing a button and button showroom named Kyung Seong. Here we also display and trade other fashion accessories such as belt buckles, belt buckles, fabric buttons, metal and imitation metal buttons, etc.

If you have needs, please remember:
Kyung Seong Store
No. 8 Tan Tien, Ward 8, Tan Binh District, HCMC
ĐT: 028 397 18289


We aim to become a prominent enterprise leading in the garment accessories industry in Vietnam and beyond.

Mission and Core Values

  • Become a shining star in the fashion business
  • Contributing to the country's society and economy
  • Innovation, creativity for continuous development
  • Adapt and harmonize in the global economic environment
  • Take care of employees' lives, protect the environment