Find out the origin and production process of plastic shirt button buttons

19 /02 / 2022

With many years of experience in manufacturing and selling shirt buttons, our biggest achievement is to create children - beautiful Shirt Buttons as evaluated by many loyal customers.

In this article, we share our experience on an important step in the production of plastic shirt buttons, a common but indispensable garment accessory in the domestic and international garment accessories industry. :

Buttons are according to the name of the people in the north, and buttons are according to the way they call the south of our country. For the sake of brevity, we collectively refer to the two terms "production of buttons" and "production of buttons" as "production of buttons".

In the past, our ancestors knew how to use jute and bark fibers to make clothes, and they used animal bones and tree thorns to make buttons.

The ancient Egyptians and Romans cut a hole in one end of the cloth used as a shirt and threaded the other end through, or tied a knot. No one knows who invented the button and when did button production begin. Some historians have asserted that buttons date back to Roman times, others to ancient Greece, while a group of scientists has provided evidence of the origin. Asia's buttons.

The first buttons were put into use in people's lives from the 8th century and until the 18th century, buttons were always considered as luxuries that only the rich dared to use.

Kings and kings used gold and silver buttons. Rich people use elephant bones to make daisies. And civilians always tie knots, or use drawstrings.

The selection of materials: a button when used as a button on a shirt, button on jeans or even applied to make high-quality stuffed animal eyes, in addition to the production technology, the selection of raw materials. Making shirt buttons is also an important factor in production. Materials for selection need to be suitable for production technology, easy to apply, meet the standards required by customers, as well as local and most importantly, be safe for users.

Blending materials to shape shirt buttons: this is one of the most difficult steps in the button manufacturing process. The factors that affect the quality of raw buttons can be mentioned as the workmanship of the mechanic, the production technology, the quality control of the manufacturer. This is the first but most important step to creating a shape, especially the patterned buttons.

Pattern making: this stage requires the maker to have many years of practical experience and a very high level of sophistication. Sometimes you will have to do it over and over again if the artist is inexperienced, with some complicated shirt buttons even you have to start from scratch.

Pre-shipment inspection: this step requires very careful inspection staff, sometimes a little difficult to remove defective products to ensure only high quality products reach customers.

Always put product quality first, with a staff of many years of experience and innovative technology and equipment.

In history, until the end of the 19th century, buttons or buttons were still expensive objects, so when making a new shirt, people often unbuttoned the button from the old shirt.

Today, with diverse materials, increasingly developed technology, manufacturing buttons has become easy and popular.

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